Persistence of Sound

A new independent record label celebrating musique concrète, field recordings and the interplay between these disciplines.

The London Sound Survey Thames

Thames presents diverse sound interactions along the River Thames that surprise with their musicality. As we travel from central London to the river’s furthest estuary, it feels like we’re travelling back in time. We hear the sounds of nature and industry in competition, from the pitched, quasi-musical sound of Tower Bridge lifting up, to the marsh frogs of Allhallows. More info


Iain Chambers The Eccentric Press

Two musique concrète symphonies of industrial sound, in which musical relationships emerge from sounds more often regarded as noise. All the sounds were recorded by Sounds Of Changes, a pan-EU project capturing obsolete and endangered industrial and domestic sounds. More info


Robert Worby Factitious Airs (Electronic Music)

Musique concrète made through obsessive listening with close attention to fine detail. Langham Research Centre’s Robert Worby has worked with everyone from John Cage to Michael Nyman, via stints with the Mekons and the Distributors. More info